Importing firearms into New Zealand is very easy and straight forward. Permit information will be supplied when booking your hunt.
ASJ Trophy Hunting offers clients the use of their rifles while they are hunting in New Zealand. We at ASJ Trophy Hunting have a variety of firearms which hunters can choose from. We do not charge for the firearms use but we do ask hunters to bring ammunition

For our clients we usually use: 7mm Remington Magnums
Average Shooting Distances: between 70 – 300 yards
Caliber Required: between 270 – 300 magnum

Firearms Permits/ Licences

Firearm licence is required, obtainable when arriving in Auckland Airport.
No permit is required for Bow Hunters.
No hand guns are permitted to be used in New Zealand.
Fishing licence is required in New Zealand and can be purchased prior to fishing.

For further information visit the NZ Police website or Contact us to clarify any queries.