Non huntNH 042ers are very welcome and hunters are encouraged to bring their non hunting partners. We know that for maximum enjoyment for the hunter, the thought of sharing the experience with a loved one is the ultimate thrill.
Many non hunters enjoy going into the field with the hunters and many prefer to go touring each day while their partner hunts. NH 103
Either option can be arranged, as well as a mixture of both. All touring is personally guided by Judy, who has a great knowledge of the area and enjoys sharing her knowledge with clients, Additional days for sightseeing and or touring can be added. If the hunter/s and non hunters wish to have guided touring after their hunt, this will require extra days. We strongly suggest this be arranged at the time of booking. Non-hunters are welcome to be in the field with the hunter when hunting the lowland animals. We do not encourage non-hunters in the mountains unless there are special circumstances which would we discussed prior to each mountain hunt.

Though we do encourage non-hunters to go to the mountain camp with the hunters. It is a wonderful camp and the scenery is magnificent. It is our suggestion that non-hunters pursue websites listed below and see the wide array of activities and sights available. The list of websites is not complete. There are many more you will find in your search. If you need help to make decisions, we can also recommend places to visit, and work with you on your arrival so as to maximise the touring time to meet your requirements and match with the time you have to make your dream a reality.Often non hunters arrive with a list of places and things they wish to do. On arrival we go through the list and divide it into manageable days touring.

Any special requests you may have, we will do our utmost to ensure they are accommodated. We can recommend places to visit to ensure the non-hunter enjoys their time in New Zealand. Going on daily excursions, being pampered and guided to view wonderful sights, scenes and activities before returning to the Lodge at the day’s end to share the ambience and hunting stories as you relate your own adventures, adds a new dimension to your New Zealand experience.

NH 008Non-hunter NH 030Payments:
Non Hunter payments for lodging and touring can be paid at the end of the hunt before leaving camp.The choices are endless. We will work with you to maximise your time and enjoyment in the creation of memories.

Some Suggestions:

  • A tour of Fiordland could take 1-2 days dependant on timing allowances. It includes visits to Lake Manapouri, Lake Te Anau, Lower Hollyford, Mirror Lake and Milford Sound.Trip onto the fiord and visit the NH 033underwater observatory.
  • Invercargill and Bluff at the southern tip of the South Island, within sight of Stewart Island and sampling NZ ‘s Bluff Oysters, in season, and Blue Cod, straight from the sea. Invercargill the southern most city in New Zealand, and home of the World’s Fastest Indian.
  • A drive around Catlin’s coast allows you to see the spectacular beaches, light-houses and other points if interest usually seeing penguins and sea lions, as well as visiting some unique craft shops
  • Doubtful Sound. Manapouri to Deep Cove and an Underground Hydro Electric Power Plant are also keen points of interest.
  • Catch the ferry or fly to Stewart Island and do a walking or bus tour of the island’s populated area. There are fantastic bush walks or visit the native gardens with abundant bird life. Dolphins and penguins are often spotted here.
  • Go from one of NZ’s oldest fishing ports to a now prime holiday destination at Riverton. Through some of the more rugged coastal areas of NZ to Tuatapere, a Milling town near the coast on to Coalmining areas and rolling sheep country.
  • Visiting Central Otago with its semi arid, desert climate – the Fruit Bowl of the South and its newly developed wineries.NH 082
  • Queenstown/Glenorchy/Arrowtown – you’ll be spoiled for choice in scenery and activities.
  • Dunedin the Edinburgh of the South a University city – see albatross, penguins and sea life and visit Larnach’s Castle, a marae, visit museums

Links to touring websites(and other interests we support)


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