We have references that we are happy to supply on request. Come join us, as many others have, to experience New Zealand for your hunt of a lifetime.
Comments from our Guest Book

All of us would like to thank you once again for our New Zealand experience. The memories will last a lifetime and the trophies will remind us of our time with you.

Looking forward to seeing you again.

Brian & Jody Bolinske, Ben, Addison, Katlin, & Bailey, SD.

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We’re having a good summer, just returned from a week in Florida. Too hot! Has your workload eased up a bit? I don’t know how you keep up the pace. We’re savouring our fond memories of your beautiful country and its people, and plotting ways to be able to return, so keep in touch.

Joel & Barb Schafer, NE.

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Thank you both for a great hunt! Everything was wonderful, the touring, hunt and hospitality. Will send you another book once it is put together & printed which will take some time. Hope your hunt with Doug is as successful as our hunt.

All the best, Joyce & Bruce Phetteplace, NY.

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Just want to thank you both again for such a successful hunt and warm, comfortable stay in your lodge. Will look forward to the receipt of the horns and capes and to seeing Judy in January in Billings. You are both top notch……so glad to have booked with you.

Regards, Linda and Doug Hakert, WY.

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I just wanted to drop you guys a note and tell you how much Trevor and I enjoyed hunting with you recently. lt was the hunt of a lifetime for me and for Trevor as well. Stu-e, you showed dogged determination to get us our stags and we really appreciated it. Judy of course was wonderful and her cooking was great, Loved the desserts too. She’s quite a tour guide. Anytime you come to Tucson you should call us and come stay with us.

We will see you at the SCl next year.

With great appreciation,

Andy and Trevor Tedesco, AZ.

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Gosh!! Where do I start? Kay and I had the most beautiful time of our lives. We owe it to the two of you. 335 pictures still wasn’t enough to show everyone the fantastic views and scenery. People are starting to tell me stop we have already heard about your trip. Am I bragging? You bet I am. You are both top notch people and friends. I have never been to a place that was as clean and friendly and just pure heaven. The trip home wasn’t too stressful. Seemed too quick and easy. The next time we come back it will be to visit and enjoy your company and eat some more blue cod, and some of that sinfully good pineapple cheese cake. let us know when you are coming back to the US again. We would like to make dinner plans. We both say; THANK YOU, THANK YOU,



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My friends here are really taken by the pictures. It was the most pleasurable hunt l’ve ever been on. Did I tell you that I got a rather remarkable tahr? We both appreciate the outstanding manner in which you took care of us, your respect and all of your help with my hunt. Your country is a beautiful one and we are glad that we had the opportunity to visit. We thank you both for taking the time to show us a sites of your region. Thanks again for your (both of your) kindness.

Looking forward to seeing you in PA. Barry and Shirley Martz, PA.

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We want to thank you again for such a wonderful trip. When I describe our trip with friends and family, I tell everyone, it was truly, A Hunt of a Lifetime. Carson has not stopped talking about his Stag. Carson’s picture, with his Stag, is hanging up at the local car garage, the Motorcycle Shop and the Archery Shop. His teacher even had it up on the big screen, in his classroom at his school. This has been such a great experience for

him and l, we will never forget it, and you guys made it happen. Thank you all so much. You are good people.

Have a great and positive day!

Sincerely Scott N. Rehm, PA.

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Becky and I are still reliving our hunt almost every day. lt was a wonderful experience provided by wonderful people. Be well, and let us know your schedule next year, especially if you plan to be in Phoenix.

Mike & Becky Hron, AZ.

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We made it back safe and sound and are heading over to the beach for a couple of days of golf and relaxation. Thank you again for the hospitality and wonderful time in New Zealand. lt will be one of our favourite trips ever. Hope you all are having a great time with the new hunters there. Look forward to seeing you again. warmest

Regards, Ed & Margaret Valentine, SC.

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Thanks for such a wonderful time while we were in New Zealand.  You guys are the greatest!! We appreciate you people telling it like it is!! Judy, seeing those penguins certainly one of the highlights of the trip!!! I am absolutely, completely, happy and thrilled with the Stag I got… I am looking at the pictures right now.  Of course the Fallow Deer is exceptional too. Thanks to the both of you for all you did for us! We enjoyed our stay very much!!  Best regards,  Ken & Emilee De Kam, MT.

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We made it home with ” no probems. Thanks again for the great times and keep us in touch when you are headed to Billings and I will bring up some Walleye for you to eat. Let me know if I need to do anything from here to get those heads home. and have a great season.

Thank you Brian and Jen Meineke WY.
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“Just wanted to say thanks again for a great adventure. We all enjoyed it. You guys did everything in your power no matter the effort to make our stay the best possible at all times. I never imagined going into it we would walk out with friendships. Like I said before, “Disneyland!” my dreams were fulfilled, thank you and hope we cross paths again.

Jeff, Ryan, Rhiley, Justin and Scott.”

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“We just wanted to thank you again for your professionalism and dedication to your clients!.
The accommodations, food and hospitality were all very good. The highlight was again the Tahr and the chamois hunt. Spectacular scenery, good company, fantastic experience and excellent trophies, all and more than you had promised as usual.

We will be back again. Doug and Kerry Wood.”


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“Hey Guys. I had a fantastic time. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any potential hunters. I have been telling everyone of our exploits and showing pictures. They are absolutely “green”. Of course, I tell them that they too can enjoy a great hunt with ASJ just as I did. They mostly just look at me funny when I tell them everything we bagged. Thanks again for a truly great hunt and a memory of a lifetime!


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“What a Great Trip! Hello Stu-e and Judy. I want to let you know what a fantastic trip I had with you guys. I appreciate all you did to make the trip possible, to join Mark with such a short notice. The company, food and hunting where second to none! I will be back with my family to hunt and tour New Zealand. If and when you are in the New York, Pennsylvania area please let me know so we could get together. Thanks!


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“We thank you for making our red stag hunt the best we could have imagined, from the hospitality to the hunt itself, we could not have asked for more. A visit to Southland, NZ is absolutely magical, one I would recommend to anyone who loves to hunt. What Stu-e does on the mountain to get the hunter a perfect shot is nothing short of incredible. We thank you for everything!.

Joyce Westervelt & Bruce Phetteplace .”

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THANK YOU again for the wonderful time. We have gained memories of a lifetime and, I trust, friends as well. I’ll reach out to the boys to see what we want to do next year about the Archery mission. I grew fond of those Tahr and Fallow, so I may just go after them instead of a stag, we’ll see.
Kind Regards

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“We want to say Thank You for an experience that can be described as no less than FANTASTIC! The country, the people and the hunting experiences were beyond our expectations or anything that we dreamed of before our trip to New Zealand. The hospitality of the “Kiwis” is the best I have ever experienced.

You should see and hear Dee tell of her hunting experience! I haven’t seen her get that excited and animated in a conversation in years! We are already discussing when can we join you for more hunting adventures. Hope all is well, and that we get to see you this coming Jan. and can take you through Yellowstone Park for some wildlife viewing!

Gene & Dee”

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“We had a great time with you guys and also in Queenstown, went jet boating, tour of lord of the rings, shopping, went out to dinner, and just thoroughly enjoyed our time on holiday. I hope your hunting is going well. Thanks again for the privilege to hunt with your business. Thanks

Mike & Cindy Keaty”

Keaty 1 Keaty 2

“I’m five days back home, all safe and sound. I very much miss my new found New Zealand friends. Hope all is going well with you; I’ve thought many times about that young man who had the “Hunt of a Lifetime” and can only imagine the challenges you’ve had bringing his dream to reality.
Thanks for the many great moments we shared; the ultimate for me was the taking of the red stag, though I very much loved the pub, too! Good hunting for the remainder of your season. Hopefully, soon you will find some time for yourselves. God bless.

Bill Hope aka Goldfinger.”

Hope 1 Hope 2

Hope all is going well with the rest of your hunting season.
Lots of people have been very impressed with our pictures and your operation. Thank you again for everything that you did for us while we were there, and thank you both for such a wonderful experience.

Brent and Erin.”

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Plus numerous others…..

“Thanks to Stu-e and Judy Rees of ASJ Trophy Hunting. This was one of the best, if not the best hunt I have ever taken.”
Art Pilot, Tennessee.
“The stay was too short! We had a totally great time in beautiful country. Stu-e and Judy make you feel like family, with great accommodation and meals. A must do hunting and vacation experience. Thanks for everything!”
Susan and Gary Tuohy, Michigan
“ Stu-e and Judy provided us with the ultimate hunting package. They took care of all of our needs. They are the ultimate hosts!”
Mike and Glenda Pusey, Delaware
“What wonderful memories I will carry with me always! Stu-e and Judy are a compliment to their profession.”
Dave and Kay Herrick, Pennsylvania
“You both went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and feel at home. We consider you both our friends forever. “
Patty and Brian Smith, Pennsylvania.
“Stu-e and Judy, you met and exceeded our expectations. We will never forget this week for the rest of our lives.”
Jim and Jeannie Elyer, Alabama
“I have hunted extensively in Canada over the past 35 years and also in Africa on several occasions. This hunt without question was the most unforgettable adventure I have ever experienced. First class all the way. I cannot thank my hosts and new friends Stu-e and Judy enough for an unforgettable adventure.”
Lyle Beaudoin, BC, Canada.
“I’ve hunted most of the world including 14 trips to Africa, 25 whitetail trips to Alberta Canada, always looking for big non typical trophies. I have longed to come to New Zealand looking for exceptional non typical Red Stag trophies. The hunt turned out to be far more rewarding than I could ever of dreamed of. I have never enjoyed a hunt more, than the hunt with Stu-e and Judy Rees of ASJ Hunting New Zealand, on their fantastic Argyle property. The food and friendship were all five star, and the Red Stag hunting was without peer. There were plenty of animals seen, and the two trophies we took, were exactly what we were looking for. If you have hunted at all, you will know there is no such thing as a sure thing, but Stu-e and Judy Rees are as close as you will get. If you are looking for a big Red Stag, then look no further.
Stu-e and Judy thanks for delivering a storybook hunt. PS Book me in for next year, I want to bring my two grandsons with me to hunt big Red Stags.”

Dr Gerald Mann, Austin
“What a total experience! The hunt was incredible, but only a small part of all we enjoyed. Our two hosts, Judy and Stu-e, are exceptional people, courteous at all times, full of energy, good fellowship, and love of Country. We have added them to our not so large list of hunting friends we have around the world. Many thanks to both of them for how they extended themselves to care for our special needs, since I am an amputee and this year will be 80. They helped me to ‘push the envelope’ but not to go beyond. Yvonne is a retired teacher and is a non-hunter; and she too shares my feelings about Judy and Stu-e, the hunt, and New Zealand, its people and the spectacular landscape.
About the hunt, I was impressed with the quality and quantity of animals available and with Argyle Station itself. I have hunted all over the world, Russia, South America, and Africa more than five times, and can honestly say that the Tahr hunt was truly a lifetime experience. The helicopter flight over the snowy ridges and mountain peaks was breathtaking… and to take a true trophy was the perfect result.
We both enjoyed touring the South Island. Stu-e and Judy were perfect guides and companions. It was more than just filling idle time…. It was an experience in its own right. It was an unforgettable trip and it was far more than value for money compared to the costs of similar hunts elsewhere. “It was first class all the way.” We can’t thank our new friends and hosts enough.”
Al and Yvonne Thanhauser, New York.
“I have dreamed of coming to New Zealand for over 40 years. New Zealand is simply the most fabulous, and secure country in the whole world. I don’t know why I waited so long before coming! It is beyond everything I had thought it would be. The people, Stu-e and Judy Rees are the finest hosts you could ever want.
My dream was to harvest to magnificent Red Stags. The season was turning cold and snow was upon us. We still had a great time. We saw many animals, and the trophy quality was simply fantastic. I to, had a blast! In my hunting trips, this ranks as the best in all respects, and hopefully it will not be my last with these great people. God willing I will be back next year.”
Ralph Caputo Pennsylvania USA
“ We had a great time and I want to thank you both again. My dad says he wishes he was still there with you in New Zealand. You had better be careful, or you might have a permanent guest. We never laughed so much and I still can’t believe that I bungy jumped! Thank you so much for showing us such a good time. The food, accommodation, and service were truly fantastic. Dad says you’re simply the best!!!! And I fully agree!!!!”
Marion Butler, Pennsylvania USA
“I just want you to know how much we enjoyed our hunt again this year. The hunt and touring was again simply fantastic! It is hard to improve on the previous years but somehow you always make every effort to out do the previous hunt. With you or Judy as my guide, I have taken more free range Red Stags than I can remember. I have also shot a 400+SCI Red Stag, a 13 ½ inch Tahr, 10 ¼ Chamois, and at one time the No. 2 Sika, plus several other big Sika.

Through your Outfit, and your Rees Adventures Consultant Business, you have arranged hunts in New Zealand and the South Pacific for 15 – 20 of my hunting friends and they have all become friends with you both and returned home with great trophies and wonderful memories and stories to share. ,

Stu-e, having hunted with you for so many years, you still have me looking forward to my next adventure in your beautiful country. We continue to be amazed at the quality of the game you are able to put in front of us.

As you know, I am a full time Outfitter like you. Your hunts are the best ever. This includes Alaska, USA, South America, BC, NWT, Australia and Africa. Looking forward to hunting Argyle with you and Judy again next year.”
Lloyd McMahon
Great White Holdings Ltd
P O Box 12065

Lloydminster ABT9V3C3
Alberta, Canada.
Web Page: www.greatwhiteholdings.com

“Stu-e and Judy Rees have taken all their best experiences from hunting the globe and have found a way to turn your wildest hunting dream into reality.They have created what they would consider their ultimate hunting adventure. You certainly will not find a more stunning place to hunt a huge red stag anywhere in the world than at Argyle! When we hunt we all want a quality experience, hassle free and with the chance of fore filling our dreams of taking a huge trophy. We want to enjoy comfortable lodgings, good company, great food and we want our family members to be happy and entertained. ASJ Trophy Hunting is all about the experience… life long memories. You simply will not find hunting outfitters that will work harder to turn your dreams into reality, than Stu-e and Judy Rees, they are hunters of the highest calibre. My only regret is that everywhere else I hunt, I can’t help comparing to their operation, and quite frankly nothing compares. “
Jarrod Watt.