Getting Your Trophy Home

trophyheadFor trophies to be exported from New Zealand to import to another country there are requirements for their preparation and packaging. So as to save hunters paying GST (Goods and Services tax) which is 15% of the total cost of the trophy fee, we use of an Expeditor to prepare trophies, package, prepare documentation and arrange shipping of your trophies and ship to the accredited US receivers and then to clients.

ASJ Trophy Hunting uses an Expeditor who endeavours to get this preparatory work done usually within 6-8 weeks of receiving the trophies from us. ASJ Trophy Hunting provide clients with detailed information from the Expeditor and shipper, and clients are advised to make direct email contact with them which ensures all details are correct for expediting and shipping as well as making arrangements for payment for the services they provide.

ASJ Trophy Hunting do not encourage hunters to take their trophies with them, as to do so they would need to pay a New Zealand tax on their trophies. ASJ Trophy Hunting can arrange for you to have your trophies, mounted in New Zealand but our strong recommendation is that you have them mounted at home so you are able to control the timing of mounting and have them close at hand.